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2018 Real Ale and Cider List

This is the current list of Real Ales, Ciders and Perrys that we are planning to have at this years festival. Please check back as this is subject to additions/changes right up to the start of the festival.

Updated 04/04/2018: Borders real ales added.
Updated 11/04/2018: Addition of 2018 Festival Beer and Wheat/Fruit Beers.
Updated 06/05/2018: Addition of most Essex Beers.
Updated 16/05/2018: Last of the Essex beers added (we think!)
Updated 23/05/2018: A few changes to the Borders beers (it apppears not all beer can travel this far south!).

Allendale Wagtail Best Bitter 3.8% Best Bitter
Allendale Golden Plover 4.0% Golden
Ayr Leezie Lundie Pale Ale 3.8% Golden
Ayr Jolly Beggars Best Bitter 4.2% Best Bitter Chequers Motor Company
Ayr Rabbies Porter 4.3% Porter
Blue Shack Blue Shack Bitter 3.8% Bitter Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Blue Shack Blue Shack Pale Ale 3.8% Golden  
Bushy's Ruby 1874 Mild 3.5% Mild
Bushy's Manx Bitter 3.8% Bitter
Colchester Bearded Lady 4.7%   Steve Mott & Co
Colchester Trinovantes Gold 4.3% Golden  
Drygate Seven Peaks IPA 5.0% Bitter  
Ennerdale Darkest 4.2% Bitter
Ennerdale Wild Ennerdale 4.2% Golden
Farmer's Ales Born to be Mild 4.7% Mild Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Farmer's Ales Pucks Folly 4.2% Golden Flagfinders Coaches
Green Jack Orange Wheat 4.2% Wheat/Fruit Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Hart of Stebbing Hart IPA 3.5% Bitter  
Hawkshead Hawkshead Bitter 3.7% Bitter AWM Potatoes Ltd
High House Farm Nel's Best 4.2% Golden
High House Farm Black Moss 4.3% Porter Chandler Material Supplies Ltd
High House Farm Matfen Magic 4.8% Bitter
Hooded Ram Jack the Ram Stout 4.7% Stout
Kelburn Pivo Estivo 3.9% Golden
Kelburn Red Smiddy 4.1% Red
Knops East Coast Pale 3.8% Golden
Knops California Common 4.6% Golden
Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild 3.7% Mild G. Collins & Sons Funeral Directors
Mighty Oak Whirligig 4.5% Brown Ale Lambert Chapman LLP (Maldon)
Moody Goose Arbor Gold 3.7% Golden Lambert Chapman LLP (Braintree)
Moody Goose Dirty Dog Stout 4.6% Stout  
Pumphouse Golden Pride 4.2% Golden Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Pumphouse Pumphouse Jenny 4.0% Bitter  
Saffron Agnes Waterhouse 5.2% Porter  
Saffron Flying Serpent 4.5% Brown Ale Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Shalford Draught Horse 3.8% Bitter Silverex Engineers Ltd
Shalford Rotten End 6.5% Strong Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Silks Molly's Jolly Mild 4.0% Mild The Caravan Man
Silks Old Man Shirv 4.5% Bitter  
Stewart Crossfire APA 4.3% Golden  
Stewart Stewart's 80/- 4.4% Bitter
Strathaven Ales Craigmill Mild 3.5% Mild
Strathaven Ales Old Mortality 80/- 4.2% Bitter
Strathaven Ales Ebony Oatmeal Stout 4.4% Stout
Turpins Strawberry Haze 3.9% Wheat/Fruit  
Vendetta Brewing Company Irish Red Ale 5.0% Red Ale Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
Vendetta Brewing Company Vendetta Gold 4.0% Golden  
The White Hart Brewery Hill Climber 4.6% Bitter  
Wibblers Appentice 3.9% Golden  
Wibblers Netty’s Ale